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The DIY Process of Making Cannabis Honey from Home

There has been a rise in popularity of the CBD products since it started being legalized. For many decades, cannabis was stereotyped as a harmful drug with no use, until science proved it has great medicinal value. There are thousands of cannabis product varieties and brands already stocked in the market and are hyped and costly. That is the reason we need to turn to homemade solutions and make these cannabis products a home. In this article, there is information about CBD oil and the procedure to make quality cannabis honey at home. Making cannabis honey at home is straightforward as it uses locally available ingredients. There are clear instructions on how to make cannabis honey and it is a short process. Most people take pride in growing their marijuana. How about we teach you how to make these extracts and products that are tax-free, chemical-free and preservative-free right under your roof?

Marijuana plant is put under a process to give cannabis oil. The concentration of THC will vary from one type of marijuana plant to the other. The THC to CBD ratio will be equal for every extract. It is recommended that you use the oil from the hybrid marijuana plant as it has an even mixture of THC to CBD. These two elements come from the same marijuana plant but can be found independently. The THC element is responsible for the euphoric feeling that people enjoy after taking weed. On the other hand, CBD is not psychoactive but rather induces a calmness effect and is useful in relieving pain, reduce anxiety and inflammation.

Alcohol is the most used extract of Cannabis oil from the cannabis plant. Using drinking liquor is never the best option because it will stain the oil with flavours. Isopropyl alcohol is used to dissolve the soil from the cannabis plant and ease its separation from the residues. The mixture of alcohol and oil is left to vaporize to leave the cannabis honey. If the honey is not passed through winterization, you will get cherry oil that is less useful for the intended purpose. Winterization is useful in removing fats, chlorophyll and waxes that are unwanted for the final honey product. The process makes the oil become thick and dark like molasses.

The ingredients and equipment for homemade marijuana extract are a jar, baking pan, marijuana, coffee filter, freezer, isopropyl alcohol and a scraping tool. Put marijuana and isopropyl and free it for 24 hours. The next day, pour the isopropyl alcohol inside a jar with marijuana until it is covered and mix it rigorously. Pass the mixture through the coffee filter. Leave the mixture on the baking pan and let it evaporate. That is how easy it is to make homemade cannabis honey.

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