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Reasons Why You Should and Should Not Consider Video Games

Every time you are bored you need to get something that is going to cheer you up again. The good thing with games is that it does not have age anyone can just play it. Here are some of the importance that comes with playing video games. First, video games come with an improved version. That means it gets easier every time but that is if you learn all the tricks that come with it. The number two reason for playing games is that it boosts your brain. Games are very healthy and can help boost your mind. You will find that some games need some reasoning and that involves your mind and that will enforce you to think better.

The number three benefit is improved life skills. Research has shown that those people who play games have a certain way of doing things. Fourthly, you should know that games help in avoiding anxiety and depression. When you are the kind of person who just works and goes to bed just after work it has hard for you to let go of some bad energies in you. When you get constant stress you might end up having depression and this may affect all your performances. Apart from video having so many benefits there are also some disadvantages that are involved with this games. The first thing that you will have to suffer is addiction. When you are addicted to something it means that you cannot even go for some hours without that thing.

If you do not observe that you will end up wasting much and you will end up getting regrets. The other problem with playing video games is that you have a social replacement. Most people when they begin video games they are able to balance everything that is going with their lives but as you get addicted you end cancelling somethings just to have adequate time for games. The other thing that video games does is that it causes people to be obesity. For people who play games lack time for other things and that means their only work is to sit and eat while they play games the whole day. You do not want to end up crying because of your weight so you need to watch what you do and what you eat. The number four disadvantage with games is that you can end up having school performance lowered. Most students when they start playing games that this the only thing that gets into their head and ends up distracting them away from reading.

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