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Everything You Need to Know About Sobriety Chips in Recovery

Members of 12-step programs get the chance to receive small, round-shaped tokens that go by the name of sobriety chips or tokens. Alcoholics Anonymous and other sobriety groups are popular for using these sobriety chips. As a reward for the accomplishments of the person in recovery or sobriety, they will receive these tokens as marks of their achievement. When a person who is recovery receives sobriety chips, this is a big deal. The use of these tokens is most common for people in recovery to keep them motivated as they go through the recovery process. If you or your loved one is going through recovery or keeping yourself sober, getting a good understanding of sobriety chips helps you a lot.

People from Indianapolis started using these sobriety chips in the year 1942. The Portland Group in Maine of the same year also began using poker chips with different colors to mark a person’s sobriety. Ever since this group used these sobriety chips, other 12-step groups also began using the same approach for their programs. If you are familiar with challenge coins, you can think of sobriety chips this way because they are used to mark each milestone the person accomplishes in the program.

One of the primary reasons for using sobriety chips is to ensure that person remains motivated to become sober while in recovery and as they move on with their lives. With these tokens, the recovering addict will remember all the struggles they have been through as well as the success they have reached. Even if the overall meaning of these sobriety chips is the same, the meaning can be unique to every recovering addict once they receive them. When you receive a white sobriety chip, for instance, this means 1 day or 24 hours. Recovering addicts can get this chip at the start of the program. It is a reminder that there is still hope for your continued success of recovering and staying sober. Getting a white sobriety chip is also for people who relapse. It means that thy are back to their first day of sobriety.

To mark every milestone that the recovering addict goes through to become sober, they are given these sobriety chips. Joining an alcohol treatment program or any 12-step program, for that matter, will mean that you will receive these sobriety chips. With red, gold, and emerald green colored sobriety chips, you are sober for a month, two months, and three months, respectively. Getting the gold, red, and blue sobriety chips means that you are sober for four, five, and six months, respectively.

You are on the road to recovery by taking the first step. As you go through your recovery by being a part of any 12-step program, every achievement you make means you will get these sobriety chips. Some programs also use recovery medallions aside from chips.

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