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Importance of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is a chemical which is made from two substances namely isocyanate and polyol resin which expand thirty to sixty times its liquid volume when mixed. The spray foam is sprayed after the expansion by a spray gun in the intended area. Spray insulation can be either closed or open cells in which the open cell is denser and spongier to touch compared to the closed cell. Homes and offices use the spray foam insulation in areas where there are cracks and holes that make a place uncomfortable. When used, the spray foam insulation fills the cracks and openings allowing no air to go through. Here are some of the advantages of using spray foam insulation in your homes.

Compared to other types of insulation,spray foam insulation is a very powerful insulator because of its ability to expand and the ability to not let air get through the spaces and cracks on the walls. It has a high resistance value and the ability to provide a very tight air seal which makes it to be ranked as the highest insulation system in the market today.

Spray foam energy saves a lot of energy. Many families which use this type of insulation have been able to save a good amount of energy in their homes. Its powerful insulation ability makes it to save an incredible amount of energy. Unlike other types of insulation which provide energy savings of thirty percent, spray foam insulation provides energy savings of an average of fifty percent. Many families and businesses use the spray foam energy because of its energy saving ability.

Among the many advantages of this insulation is the air tight ability.High amount of energy bills is because of the holes and cracks in your houses or offices. Spray foam insulation has the ability to tightly seal all the cracks and openings in your house. Spray foam insulation creates a very powerful air seal compared to the rest of the insulation methods. If there is any crack in your house then you use the spray foam insulation your energy bills automatically go down.

Not only air can go through these cracks and holes in the walls of your house but also water and moisture can get access through to your house. Spray foam insulation is already proven to be water and moisture impermeable. The spray foam insulation is the best method to use to make your house comfortable because it will not allow any water or moisture through your house. If you want to get quality services, consider working with trained, experienced and knowledgeable experts in doing your house spray foam insulation.If you are planning to do insulation in your house or business and you are not sure which insulation to use, it is advisable for you to go for the spray foam insulation because it is the best and it is a long term method which will give you the best results

The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Insulation

The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Insulation