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Safety Rules for your Residential swimming Pool

A swimming pool can turn fatal if you are not careful. If you follow certain rules; you will be much safer around the pool. You need to make sure people follow them, if they are to be safe around it too. You carry the weight of everyone’s safety if you happen to be the pool owner. You need to know where the dangers can come from and what to do about them.

As long as the pool is in use, there must be an adult supervising around it. If you can do it yourself, even better. The supervisor needs to be a proficient swimmer, in case a child or adult who does not know how to swim goes into the water.

You need to have floatation devices, but not let a child out alone wearing them. They are not entirely drowning proof. There still needs to be proper supervision.

You must erect a fence around the pool. This shall successfully keep the kids out. They will also be safer if they never figure out how to open the gate. To make them work even better; you need to have a combination, or key lock installed. You can go as far as having an alarm on the fence, to alter you for any unauthorized entry.

There need to be a phone reachable while in the pool area. IN case of an accident, you would not have the luxury of reaching the house to call for help. It gets worse if you are alone by the pool then got injured. You need to have a way to call for help while still there.

Your children may want to bring their friends over for an afternoon of swimming fun in the pool. They thus need to come with permission slips from their parents. You cannot afford to have anyone how does not know how to swim hanging around the pool.

You need to have pre-indications of the depths of the pool. With the deep end clear for anyone near the pool. IT needs to be clear to tour kids why you do not allow them to go to the deep end.
For those who have above ground pools, it is important always to check the position of the ladder when it is not in service. Leaving it there only encourages kids to try and swim when you are away.

You also need to shed in which you shall safely and securely store all the pool chemicals, and detergents. It is wrong to leave these things out in the open.

You are in charge of the safety around the pool. These rules are only as applicable as you can enforce them. You cannot allow any of them ever to be broken.

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